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Deserts and Frost in the Full Draw

I’ve been working on expanding throughout the process of “kai”, (the full draw) in shooting, and trying to expand the time as well, pushing through the desire to pre-release the arrow before its time. I usually count in the full draw to see how long I hold it because it helps me to know how… Continue reading Deserts and Frost in the Full Draw

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Part II: The Real “Sutemi”

In the last post I talked about a word called, “sutemi” (捨て身) which translates as “throwing away the body.” In that post I talked about the “cool” sutemi, which talks about overcoming the trials of the body to achieve something greater. It’s the kind of thing you want to hear when you read about martial… Continue reading Part II: The Real “Sutemi”

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“Sutemi” “捨て身”: Throw Away the Body

This topic came up in a discussion with one of my teachers who has many years experience in the kokutai national tournaments, as well as the big tournament, tennohai. In the kyudo world there’s a really big difference between what we call kokutai senshu (national tournament competitors) and everybody else, I guess. Most kokutai senshu… Continue reading “Sutemi” “捨て身”: Throw Away the Body

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Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

    Here I am going to talk about the phase of daisan (the “two-thirds draw” shown in the picture above). Specifically, I’m going to speak on how raising our elbows while moving into the daisan phase will help us shoot a straight arrow using the proper posture of our bodies instead of just the… Continue reading Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

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When Too Much Turns into Nothing

Everything in its excess turns to its opposite. Or something like that, goes the I-Ching. For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of training and reading producing massive amounts of ideas I’ve wanted to put into words on the blog, but the time wasn’t there. Now, I have this strange void of… Continue reading When Too Much Turns into Nothing