Where is My Head?

Lately all of my interactions with people have been a bit off, and at practice tonight, I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t follow anything, I feel like I didn’t recognize anybody tonight, and maybe I’m making it up, but I think people were noticing and wondering what was wrong with me. It wasn’t horrible, and I ended up laughing in the end at either how silly I must look or how I exaggerate these things sometimes. It just feels as is if someone is making gravity pull 1 degree of a difference. I wonder if it will ever go back.


3 thoughts on “Where is My Head?

  1. I will fear not indeed! Thank you for the encouraging words. I think the interesting is that I know I will return to a more stable condition, but it will be different than before. A fold in the forging of a katana. I guess I'll see the effect of putting a bit of sake in the concoction;)

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