Gaijin’s Nuclear Report (Morning of Sunday March 20th)

I turn on the news now and can find nothing about the current situation in Fukushima. Things have settled down. Personally, I’m not letting my guard down, but will probably not be investigating any news more than once a day unless I’m notified of anything in particular. If this is my own notifaction of a personal lack of worry, I think I could have done it the afternoon of Friday the 18th. It was a long week at school were I probably spent 70% of my time actively researching the incident, and usually with a heightened level of concern. After school on Friday, I got together with some of the other ALTs (gaijin Assistant Language Teachers) to play Magic (any of you lucky enough to know the wonders of this game???) and we all commiserrated with each other our feelings and experiences of this all. Now progress is being made to restore power and cool things down at the power plant, and Toyama here has remained unaffected.

Now when I turn on the news, I see war in Libya. I think I remember hearing a Chinese curse that goes something like: “May you live in interesting times.”


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