Gaijin Interview Tonight

Yes! This here gaijin, Zacky Chan, will be on a live internet radio talk show, so if you got the time and place, join through skype where you can listen and post questions if you like. The talk is with Katie Adler, and you can access the talk by going to her website and following… Continue reading Gaijin Interview Tonight

Tenouchi - the Grip

I Still Don’t Know!

How can I find something I don’t know? In kyudo I’m searching for perfect technique. I watch those better than me, I listen to sensei’s advice, I have small goals, but I just don’t get it. On the one hand I’m trying to achieve something I’m not, so that I can be better. If that… Continue reading I Still Don’t Know!

Budo/Martial Arts · Kyudo

Budo Puzzles and Mountains: Gifts of Struggle

(picture found at http://justinoaksford.deviantart.com/art/Far-Over-the-Misty-Mountains-Cold-342592572)  In budo, a sensei presents you with a puzzle. In kyudo, my sensei hands me the bow and a glove, and asks me to figure out how to shoot an arrow at the target. He gives me this problem, knowing it will be difficult, painful, and frustrating. Why? Why must I make time… Continue reading Budo Puzzles and Mountains: Gifts of Struggle