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Moving to Kyushu Oct. 14th & Getting Married


Basically you got the key information in the title.

I am finally making the move to Kyushu, and in the process getting married to the girl I love more than all else, Satomi.

Crazy eh? Probably cause you’ve been out of the loop. I haven’t posted much lately, not because there hasn’t been much to talk about lately, but rather, because there’s so much going on!

But you guys already know that trend. At the times we have most to say, we have no time. Or at least, not enough. This is not a place to talk about such phenomenon … I have no time anyway.

So, to the facts.

I am moving to Nakatsu-shi (Nakatsu City) in Oita-ken (Oita Prefecture) in Kyushu on October 14th. I have proposed to my girlfriend of two years (who accepted of course!) who will move with me (2 months later) and the details of filing paperwork and weddings will come at their appropriate times soon after.

I knew this was going to be a big change, but I couldn’t have guessed the magnitude. And yet, it’s all exactly what I wanted even if I didn’t know it at the time. As far as a budoka on the path, I feel completely challenged, engaged, and satiated at the same time! I feel very happy right now.

As far as the blog is concerned, entries have been sparse as of late, and with the oncoming business that accompanies such change, it will probably continue for some time. However, that very tiny seed of gaijin explorer that sits inside of me will only be magnified in the next chapter, so if you’re interested in exploring Japanese forests and mountains, reading about martial arts in their homeland, and the experiences of a young man through the mazes of life … then stay tuned!

I have many stories to tell …



11 thoughts on “Moving to Kyushu Oct. 14th & Getting Married

  1. Congratulations. The key to a long, happy marriage is to look her in the eye every morning and say “I'm sorry, I was wrong and it will never happen again.”

  2. Thanks dudes! I'm very excited about the move and Satomi and my new life together …. and I'm already practicing Rick's mantra … though I'm pretty sure she's heard it once or twice before!

  3. Ha,ha!
    She's going to finally make an “honest” Barbarian out of you!

    And don't forget The Possum Lodge Motto:

    “I am a man

    I can change-

    If I have to-

    I guess”.

  4. Well, that is good news. All the best from TAIWAN, and you're getting closer and closer. I'm married to a Taiwanese for 30 yrs. in 4 days. Intercultural things aren't always easy of funny but worthwhile, so never give up. and remember she won't turn American und you never will be Japanese! So give each other some space!

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