The Dreaded Stomach Flu & Upcoming Blog Carnival

stomach flu

It’s been so long, and oh how much so I’ve wanted to most the many meandering things I’ve thought of concerning martial arts, adventure, and Japan, but I’ve been to busy being tortured by …


(aka gastroenteritis)

If you’ve had it, I hope you had a mild version.

If you haven’t, hope you never have to spend around 5 days suffering a combination of slippery substances coming out of both sides, intense headaches, fever, and muscle pains.

I guess the fun part was just watching TV on the couch with the wife getting served food (very small portions of yogurt, canned peaches, oatmeal like soups) without having to do any chores.

I wonder if I spent more time in the bathroom, on the couch, or on the bed?

Anyway, I’m almost back to normal. At least feeling better and back to work.

But yet to have a normal bathroom trip … I’m actually a little scared, nervous, but also excited.

One interesting fact is that I must have lost about 10 pounds. It’s not a diet I recommend, but man does it work.

Now all I can think about is the next time I can eat pizza/cheeseburger/ramen/fried chicken/thai food with confidence … like at a real basic hungry level … I don’t think I’ll have trouble gaining the weight back.

Without anymore gruesome details, I’d at least like to mention the good side of sickness …

in fact I’ll even call it necessary, that dark unpleasant sickness.

My existence is very small and quiet and sensitive now, and it opens my eyes to how obnoxious and beligerent many seemingly healthy people are … including myself before this sickness.

People walking at a furious pace because they’re late for everything while they cram snacks and burgers and coffees and energy drinks inside of themselves to enhance the pace or forget what they’re even doing. People driving fortunes for cars and wearing just as much as clothing. All to the finest detail, all for a little more. We need stimulation in every single orifice, and then we need to make another to be filled. Finally when people relax on the 10 o’clock train home it’s spent hunched over wide franticly darting eyed finger sliding with i-phones or smart-phones or whatever. Everybody except the few old people who seem content to just sit there.

I feel like an old person, and I like that.

Content to just sit there and be.

I’ve been disconnected from all the feverous addictions I’ve subconsciously developed in my life, and now I’m set free,

so what shall I do?

It’s a beautiful opportunity to start anew, without the pressure of all of the other little things. I know my place is not in that of hermitage, but I do not want to return to the mindless shuffle of garbage piling into my internal organs and mind.

I’m going to walk very slowly through the world right now, looking closely, not worrying …

and maybe I can be the man I truly want to be.

So yeah … sickness is the gift of rebirth … thank you kamisama for that small week of suffering.


There’s a really cool blog carnival coming up one of my favorite blogs:

“Sophelia’s Adventures in Japan”

A blog carnival is where a lot of different bloggers get together and write about on a specified topic. Sophelia will be hosting this so all of the posts will be presented on her site, but I will also make links and post my article here.

For more details directly from her site go here:


In case that’s too much effort, I pasted the contents below.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact her! It’s what she said!

Blog carnivals are a lot of fun, but Japan-related bloggers don’t seem to have many (any?) to participate in. I guess it’s too broad and diverse a category to easily bring together, but I’m going to try anyway, because I think that very diversity would be interesting. So without further ado, I am putting out a call for J-bloggers interested in participating in a carnival themed “New Beginnings”. The theme is intentionally broad; feel free to write on whatever related topic takes your fancy. I only ask that it has some connection with Japan. You are very welcome to submit previously published pieces. Ideas could include anything from the April teacher re-shuffle to how you ended up in Japan.If you have an account with Blog Carnival you can submit through the website by clicking here. If not:
For a post you have already published, just email me at sopheliajapan:at:gmail:dot:com with “carnival” in the topic line and include the url for your post and a short “about” for yourself/your blog and your blog’s title.
For a previously unpublished post please email me at sopheliajapan:at:gmail:dot:com with “carnival” in the topic line. Please include a text version of your post in the body of your email. Unless pictures are essential to understanding the post there is no need to send them to me; if your post is a photo essay please email me for specific instructions. In addition to your post, please include the title and URL of your blog, an “about” of no more than four sentences, your name (as it appears on your blog) and the URL of the post you will be publishing for the carnival. If you don’t know how to find the URL for an unpublished post, please click here to see a guide.The submission deadline is April 19th. Spring carnival posts will be published on Sunday April 20th. よろしくお願いいたします。


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Stomach Flu & Upcoming Blog Carnival

  1. Oh man, I had that last year and then two days after I went back to work I got the flu. Lost a lot of weight but it so wasn’t worth it!
    Cheers for the shout out, hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  2. Went to work this week, took it super slow, had one busy day and it all came back … so I’m off work, and back on the couch. Totally not worth it! Looking forward to the blog carnival yo.

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