Enteki Fixes Kyudo Problems

picture found at: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/toyamauniv_kyudou/20111216/1324042717
picture found at: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/toyamauniv_kyudou/20111216/1324042717

Today I shot at an enteki (far target) which was super fun and extremely helpful to fixing bad habits with my kyudo technique.

An enteki target is placed 60 meters away from the shooter instead of the normal 28, and the target is much bigger (can’t remember exactly the width in cm).

By shooting at the target you pull normally but aim a bit higher, and for some people a bit to the right of the target more than usual.

That’s the only practical difference, but when you shoot on the enteki, your focus in pulling to your full draw is increased, and a clean release seems to come magically.

Lately I’ve been feeling in a pretty bad funk in kyudo just rolling around in my bad habits while trying to figure out how to crawl out, and today I realized how to fix a lot of them by shooting at the enteki.

Specifically, I realized I need to pull to a full draw so that it feels like a great splitting explosion as the technique slips out of me. I also need to relax my hands a lot more so that I let the bow do the shooting and get cramping over-controlling stressed self out of the picture. I also need to not move my left hand during the release, just as it is, push forward for a straight and true follow through.

More than all that though, it was a lot of fun.

In kyudo we usually do the same thing shooting at the same target in the same way, so when you throw something different and fun in the mix it gets really exciting.

Kyudo should be fun. When it is, it’s releasing, and extends to the rest of your life. When it’s not fun, it’s like dark hole that can suck the energy out of everything else in your life.

It’s not always going to be fun and flowers and bull’s eyes … but it should be sometimes.

Try something new, maybe you’ll see something different.


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