Sucking at Kyudo


It doesn’t matter if you suck.

That’s OK.

Make it interesting, which doesn’t mean being deemed “the best” or “successful”, no matter how much you think you want it.

Just be yourself because that’s more than enough, and even better than anything else.


And don’t die.

That’s it. Which means in the realm of kyudo, don’t give up.

And don’t be a zombie either … pulling the bow like you’re dead or something, cause that’s just a waste.


Show up everyday, survive, be honest, be interesting,

and the river will carry you to great places.

yabakei cafe


2 thoughts on “Sucking at Kyudo

  1. Last night during class our sensei kept telling us we weren’t pulling with the right muscles and just when I wanted to give up, I kept practicing and finally got better! I really agree that it’s all in the attitude.

    1. You’re better than I! This morning I was having a more of a sucky kind of day and kind of just petered-off until I left. Definitely not ideal, and those days were you suffer but break through in the end are much better. Supreme effort with intelligent technique. Thank you for your comment!

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