Don’t Be Perfect: Kyudo


Don’t make your kyudo perfect. Don’t try to be perfect.

Trying to do all the things you’re trying to do, all at that same time in your mind when you’re using your body to express an art, it’s not possible like that.


But that’s a tricky subject. Because the purpose of it is striving to be perfect, and reaching that perfection through unimaginable breakthroughs. We are supposed to give our complete faith and effort along these perfect invisible lines of instruction and make a perfect shot …


But that’s not very interesting, every day with your serious face trying to be better than everyone else. Practicing in the darkness so you can show everyone one day that you’re the chosen one.

Screw that.

Laugh at your mistakes, don’t try to be perfect, connect with your fellow archers.

Put your serious focus into one or two small things, and have fun with the rest.

If you aren’t perfect, well, that’s just you in the world and nature flowing as it is showing you different things.

But if you do find that one shot of perfection, you will feel it and experience it with the others around you.

Nakatsu Castle

Perfection is an image of the image, a castle.

The rest of the world is a forest.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Perfect: Kyudo

  1. Boy, tell me about it!

    About a month ago, I started training in Brazilian Jiujitsu. I am by far the oldest person in the group, with no previous wrestling experience.

    The teacher is closest to me in age at 42. The other students are in their 20’s and teens. Many of them are amateur or pro MMA fighers.

    Where my head is at is this: I show up as often as possible and try to improve every day. That’s all I can do.

    1. Wow! Way to broaden horizons. When so many odds seem to be stacked against us, it’s where the weasel genius comes out and wins. I’m getting so tired of huffing and puffing through techniques, maybe that’s my progress. I’m sure you’ll see lots of uneccessary muscling and already know that it’s no use. Good luck in your training, and looking forward to future posts about it!

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