One Thing at a Time

Just one.

Only one.

If you end up with more in the end good for you, but there’s only one.

I’ve talked in the past about all the millions of things we’re trying to do in one single shot of an arrow in kyudo, and I’ll reiterate again,

you can’t do them all.

The world can do them for you, with you as the main participant, as the perfect details amass in on and around you at once,

but as far as calculating in your mind all the things you want to do with your body, and then have the perfect blending icing on top … it’s impossible …

so stop trying.

You’re wasting your time.

Just do one thing at a time.

Today I went into kyudo thinking about how all I wanted to do was work on a great release by expanding my chest and executing a good follow through.

I couldn’t do it … at all.

But for some reason, I learned how to relax my left hand today that holds the bow.

In the middle of all the tormenting failure of all the other things, this one little diamond appeared on my hand.

Soft and relaxed, the bow turned easily in my hand and didn’t scrape against my thumb making injuries worse.

Soft, relax, you can’t succeed by trying to break your hand and bow.

This was my one thing today, and that’s all I need.

Next time, I’ll show up with something in mind, and something else will show up, and that will be the one thing of my day. I hope to see it when it does, catch it, and make it my own … just one little thing.

After a while all of those little things will pile up on top of me, and all the useless frivoloties will crumble under their weight, and even those little helpful things will fall away. In that great falling, a massive void will be revealed, a 3D empty space that it’s not.

I imagine there will be mist there.


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