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Coming Back

picture found at : http://sans-langue-de-bois.eklablog.fr/19-mars-2003-la-guerre-qui-ouvrit-la-voie-du-chaos-a107171114
picture found at : http://sans-langue-de-bois.eklablog.fr/19-mars-2003-la-guerre-qui-ouvrit-la-voie-du-chaos-a107171114

It’s been a long while since the last post. Many things have happened keeping me away from the computer, work, trips, kyudo, nidan test, marraige, etc. Many times I have sought to return with it all in front of me, and yet no results could be made. I haven’t been keeping up on others’ blogs, and to be honest haven’t been able to see much of anything outside of the little bubble of my immediate actions. Funny how big it can seem when your glass ceiling is plastered with images of importance.

It comes from caring, I think.

The positive action of wanting something. But it’s not necessarily physical, and not necessarily defined. I basically want to be good, which is a concept built up of things that I want for myself and wanting to please others around me, I suppose back to the central pillar of myself, seeking acceptance from without. As I get older the picture is becoming more detailed. There are more things that I want, more people to please, and bigger bets with higher sacrifices. All that is said about the Age of Information is true, and under the onslaught of information and material goods our human condition is complicated. If one decides they don’t like this condition, they are forced to action.

This is where kyudo comes in.

Kyudo, martial arts, visual arts, projects, adventures, video games, movies, shopping, drugs.

To reclaim some kind of balance we input more information and incite more action.

But kyudo isn’t a drug, I don’t know what “everyone” is like, and I’m not writing about anything except my own human experience. Clearing away myriad illusions, I step into the wooden dojo and lower my head before an altar. There are no gods, there is no me, there are no viewers. Just that moment in all its silent rage.

It’s so simple.

We decide to do one thing and do it.

In the downtimes we use our mind to reset and realign those actions, and then continue on. Every detail cannot be seen, and we are fools to attempt at understand beyond what it is we do.

Kyudo is a return to a world where we can have an honest experience with things. We work together with real people in real time in a real place. We read each others faces for emotions and information. We come to a real designated place, dojo, with a real goal, shooting an arrow into a target. We use our hands to manipulate real tools like bows, arrows, targets, maintenance equipment. We use the magical power of our effort to do something.

It is a practice. Some may call it a hobby, others a religious practice, others a way of life, others a waste of time. It is what it is, and for those who decide to practice kyudo have an experience of their own to mold as they like.

This is life. We have great power in our effort. Our imagination can design our life the way we like. We encounter antagonistic agents to bar our path. We live in a world we can’t possibly understand in it’s entirety with our analytic mind.

In one bow I accept this world, and vow to do my human best.


Good luck to us all.


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