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Yufu Dake & Going to Kyudo Heaven

This is Yufu-dake, and I climbed it yesterday. Yufu-dake! What to say, first it’s super famous, so that should be enough to get attention … works on TV at least. But to get a little more specific, it’s a mountain in Oita Prefecture located next to the small onsen resort town of Yufuin. The mountain… Continue reading Yufu Dake & Going to Kyudo Heaven

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Dragon Shoulder: Kyudo Technique

This technique actually isn’t called “dragon shoulder”, and there aren’t many such interestingly named techniques in kyudo, or any Japanese martial arts for that matter, but here I will take the liberty of applying my own term, cause it’s cool and the idea is vital to improved kyudo technique. Anyway, the dragon shoulder technique refers… Continue reading Dragon Shoulder: Kyudo Technique

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Pre-Birth, Post-Mortem Kyudo: the Benefits of Zassha

I remember coming across these terms when reading about traditional Chinese martial arts and meditations many moons ago. I can’t quite remember the details of the specific practices, but the ideas came up the other day during kyudo, traditional Japanese archery. When I started kyudo I was told by my first sensei in Toyama to always do… Continue reading Pre-Birth, Post-Mortem Kyudo: the Benefits of Zassha