Budo/Martial Arts · Kyudo

Quiet Inspiration

Forests of Inugatake

A quiet inspiration waits in the forest.

Alone without lonliness, there is strength in the lack of need.

Only to grow and to die, this tree cannot see its semblance in reflections.

Uncommunicated by the newspapers, tvs, iphones, magazines,

it does not stand or disappear according to the rise and fall of stocks in cities,

there are no paper tests or deadlines or debt to fear.

There is no fear, only a white growth of light under a dark and twisting trunk.

There is a great beauty in kyudo, but kyudo doesn’t need this beauty.

Kyudo’s aesthetic quality falls from form like emerald leaves of trees.

Kyudo’s beauty is quiet because no one is selling it,

nobody needs it.

Its beauty stands quiet in the full draw, and CRACK like thunder an honest arrow tears the mark.

No one has to see it.

Alone without lonliness, the great strength and beauty of kyudo is quiet, yet a gem of remarkable inspiration.

I watch my peers and admire.

Society grabs me and shakes me, demanding me to pay my bills, begging me to purchase these products. The TV informs of the dire situations I must know … and yet I decline.

How did I stray so far from what I need across the sea?

I turn off the TV and surrender my time to the bow, it needs nothing else.

The infant monkey mind of desire and fear, it finds a hole and pries with bloody nails,

and so I go to the forest to find a quiet inspiration.

Infinite light in shells of dark brown bark and glowing green leaves,

rain and clouds to hush the sun.

I go to the training hall and bow my head to the gods.

My strength is mine and the trees.

Alone without lonliness.


Eyes wide open.

Mist rises.


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