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Image Training in Kyudo: Yasuji

They are the signs that point us to elevated technique. They are the way we communicate with invisible theories. They are what ignite our imaginations, bringing our kyudo practice to life. Images. Image training. More than I have experienced in any other martial art, image training plays a major role in the practice of kyudo.… Continue reading Image Training in Kyudo: Yasuji

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The Right Elbow in Kyudo

Recent readings and wanderings in practice have led me to do a lot of thought about the right elbow in kyudo. The right elbow is incredibly important in kyudo because it’s essentially responsible for pulling (or pushing) the string. Though we grip the string with the kake (glove) on our right hand, we should not… Continue reading The Right Elbow in Kyudo

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Breathing in Kyudo: Infinite Expansion

“In the beginning, if you forget about focusing on your breath, you will easily lose concentration. Always keep your breath in your center.” -Awa Kenzo, “Zen Bow, Zen Arrow”, pg. 41. 息合い, ikiai, breath, this is the connection between all archers. From beginning to end, no matter who or where, we are all given the gift of… Continue reading Breathing in Kyudo: Infinite Expansion