Image Training · Kyudo

Beast Mode

No rules. No limitations.

This existed before everything else.

This is when you eat your teacher.

This is when you take number one at the tournament from everybody else.

The world is the beast’s home. Here. There. Anywhere.

Right here, the beast unfurls.

Primal potential exposed, this is YOU.

Ride the beast, be the beast.

The lines in our mind torn to pieces.

Eat or be eaten.

Regardless of scars and blood and sweat.

It all expands out, shoots out from some ancient center.

In Kyudo we mostly play by all the rules and bow at all the right places and say all the right things in the right places. But sometimes we must break loose and create our own kyudo.

But it doesn’t mean not working with the gifts of technique. Technique realized is only good for you and the bow.

Breaking free doesn’t mean saying “Fuck it” and abandoning the technique. I’ve seen many people who have, happy with their warped little technique. Driven mad by their twisted wandering technique.

Like small rats clawing at the bow.

This is small.

I want BIG.

I want expanding beast mode, set free, broken apart with technique and no-technique that shocks spectators into awe.

I want a beast mode that doesn’t require the praise of others, or self-disdain.

Beast mode is a realization within us of technique and no-technique.

It isn’t Japanese or American or Swedish or Mexican.

It’s human.

It’s animal.

It’s nature.

It’s chaos.

It’s the birth and death of the world, and all inbetween.

I dare you to unlock your beast mode,

and see what it’s like.


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