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Keep it Cool, Not 100%

Huge progress at practice today. I may have found the single cause to a lot of problems I’ve had with my shooting lately. Basically … I’ve been pulling to hard. In the full draw I’m maxed out at 100%, so when it comes time for the release I have nowhere to go but yurumu, make… Continue reading Keep it Cool, Not 100%


Hidden Meanings in Kanji Chinese Characters

I heard about this from my barber a while ago. I came into his shop, he welcomed me to the chair, and I asked what most people ask when it’s not about the weather. ”最近忙しい?” (さいきん、いそがしい?/ Saikin isogashii?) “You been busy lately?” “Hey Zac, did you know what isogashii (busy) really means???” “No. What do… Continue reading Hidden Meanings in Kanji Chinese Characters