How to Fix your Troubled Shooting

Step 1: Relax.

Step 2: Shoot more arrows.

Step 3: Carefully analyze.

Step 4: Carefully feel.

Step 5: Forget.

It’s just like Bruce Lee said, “forget what you have learned.” This is the Golden Life, another chance. It is fleetful youth reborn that seems to drain with every day from birth. It is the gift of nothing that is the epitome of everything, ultimate possibility, ultimate potential, complete freedom.

Who knows what you may find in that first arrow of the day before you start to adjust. Maybe you’ll realize a technique you’ve never noticed, a feeling you’ve never felt before.

If the mind is clouded with yesterday’s lesssons how can you discover anything new?

In your shooting, let your mind and body open to the teacher that is the cosmos.

Each shot is a new individual experience.

Today’s failure is just today’s failure. It’s not yesterday’s failure, not tomorrow’s failure, just that moment’s.

Today’s victory is not yesterday’s nor tomorrow’s either. It’s just that one shot.

This is honesty in kyudo.


Look into the mirror of the lake,

and dive in.


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