Douzukuri - The Making of the Torso · Hikiwake - Drawing the Bow · Kai - the Full Draw · Kyudo · Nobiai · Yugamae - The Stance of Holding the Bow

Tatesen – Protecting the Vertical Line

So, it’s pretty easy to understand the first rule of kyudo: Nobiai, expansion. We must expand in the full draw and through the release. We expand equally to the left and the right and this is called the yokosen (横線). This is kyudo, and without it, we’re doing something different altogether. We are then told… Continue reading Tatesen – Protecting the Vertical Line

Hanare - Release · Kyudo · Tenouchi - the Grip · Yugamae - The Stance of Holding the Bow

Two Vital Points of the Tenouchi

The tenouchi I’m speaking of refers to our grip on the bow, and here I will talk about two points vital to its effective use. First, is keeping the bottom of our hand in contact with the bow. Second, is closing the gap between the base of the thumb and the tip of the middle… Continue reading Two Vital Points of the Tenouchi