Image Training · Kyudo

Freedom in Kyudo

Freedom in kyudo is about finding a place where we can be free to try our hardest, pull our most, release as freely as possible. This is as true in our technique as much as in our imaginations.

Freedom is about finding a “place.”

We find that place by allotting our strength, focus, and effort into certain places while taking it away from others.

This is about control over our own body and senses and equipment. By controlling ourselves we enable ourselves to find a place of freedom.

Kyudo is about making a place, controlling ourselves, about freedom.

We utilize traditions, teachings, and equipment to better control ourselves.

We obtain these from the outside world. Sometimes we may receive them, buy them, work for them, or steal them.

Regardless of the means, our attainment of these outside resources depends on our interaction with the outside world.

This is why reigi, (礼儀, ettiquette) is so important. By respecting and being courteous and putting effort into foreign agents such as people, equipment, gods, etc, we can better obtain knowledge, to better control ourselves, to find freedom.

But it is not only about taking, obtaining, and achieving. Before all of that is plain existence, one which we have no knowledge of choosing. This is us before picking up the bow. However this purity and naievette of unknowing actually continues to exist throughout our whole experience with the bow, and this realm will continue after we are done. Like beings in the fog.

Black chaos.

Green mountains.

Purple storms.

This is a Way of the bow.


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