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Basking in the Nature of Wood

Surrounded by stocks,

beams and overhangs.

From within hands’ made straight cuts,

Nature’s curvature glides along.

Light browns, dark browns,

light played upon.

A wooden tail rises,



Bamboo pulled taut,

by waxen string.

Static grain crawls up.

Insects cry.

Deep blue bright sky. White cloud towers.

Sweating leaves …


A shooting star to the target.

Thick silence.

And the frogs begin again.


2 thoughts on “Basking in the Nature of Wood

  1. Wow you have been busy posting, i have a bunch to catchup on! Strange i am not getting notiice hits. I need to check my wordpress tenouchi!

    1. Take your time! The amount of posts have been due to being sick and staying in everyday. Now going back into the world, and back to the States in mid August, there will probably be a drought for a while. I am confident I will understand the kyudo tenouchi one day … but the wordpress tenouchi? MURI!

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