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Communication with the target.

Communication between you and the space between you and the target.

Are you just looking at the target? Like it was just a thing made for you to use? Like it was something made just for your enjoyment? Made for you to be happy? Made for you to feel good about yourself? Just another tool for the ego?

I don’t think so.

The target is its own entity, and it communicates with many other archers. The space between is for many arrows. Our bow has many lives. Maybe it was used before you, or after you go. Most likely it wasn’t made for you, you just picked it up and started using it. Same with the arrows. How about your glove?

We must respect these entities and communicate with them.

This is reigi.

It’s not just for ourselves or other people … our stinky stinky egos.

It’s also for the target, the arrows, the space between, and the gods!

How well you communicate with these things is probably similar to how you communicate with others.

It’s probably similar to how you communicate with yourself.

You’re going to get into the fucking target cause I fucking told you to arrow. You have to go into the target.”

Instead of that, can we say something else?

“Look, I’m gonna do my best to shoot you straight. You want to hit the target don’t you? Alright, let’s try and do this together. If we miss, that’s alright. We’ll just try again. Hey target! Lookin good over there! Let’s see if you can catch this one!”


You are in the world.

It’s all communication.

If you can communicate well, you will definitely hit the target, definitely make the world a better place, and definitely realize yourself.

Not TV static, not plastic, not phlegm …

It’s Light.

We are all light.


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