Pulling the Bow without Pulling the Bow

Here’s youth and rage and impatience all in a ball of chaos,

I have no idea what the hell this means.

Pulling the bow without pulling the bow.”

I mean, I know a few ways we can interpret this, but I can’t feel it at all right now.

Wanting to pull the bow, but having so many other issues in the way in this current moment. Being sick lately and having to focus my energy on work and rest instead of the bow, it’s unbearable.

When you want to pull the bow, there is just no remedy for it.

I guess I’ll call it the pangs of love, and be grateful for the passion existent in this young archer and his practice.

And I suppose I’ll do my best to keep carving away my own time for the bow that no one else can touch.

I remember my first tai chi teacher in San Francisco tell me why he started his practice so early in the morning, “Because that’s the time that no one can fuck with. You can do anything you want before everyone else wakes up.”

When I’m an old man I hope to live next door to the dojo and just walk in every day.

Until then I suppose it’s up the waterfall for this small fish, with all the power of the falls and and debris to dodge and break through.

At the top, perhaps the grand transformation into a dragon will occur,

or maybe there’s just another waterfall,

or maybe a small disappointing pool.

You don’t know unless you try.



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