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Surface to Air

I have only ever shot one arrow.

And it is the last arrow that has been released.

Are we good? Do we suck? It all depends on that last arrow we shot. The next arrow we are preparing. It’s about the arrow drawn in our grip right now.

Just one arrow.

Hitting one out of eight, four out of eight, nine out of twelve, eighteen out of twenty … all these numbers and judgements … if you take it one at a time, defining yourself by each pull, it’s only one arrow that counts.

This is why it’s so hard to quit, and why I may never stop thinking about the next arrow until I close my eyes for good. Maybe when I pass on I’ll be riding a giant arrow through the great darkness.

Just one.

Hisashi buri! Long time no blog. Anyone still around? A lot has happened since I last typed on this page.

Participating in the Oita Prefectural Tournament (Oita-ken-tai) for the first time.

Passing Yondan test.

Shooting fire arrows from a bridge into a giant bail of something in a river.

Participating in other various local tournaments around the area.

The bow rewards. That’s for sure. However much you put into the bow, just as much will be returned, plus a little treat to lure you further down the path. The bow also punishes, but only as much as you can take. We can overcome any challenges, but it’s going to take our everything.

How much can you put into one arrow?

Again, again, and again … and again.

I hope to return to consistent posting here, so drop by for more words on the Way of the Bow, and drop your own in the comments section or by email. Perhaps the greatest treasure of all we can find through the bow is human connection.

So yeah,



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