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Points Observed at Seminar

Forgive the brevity and lack of explanations of this post. I’ll just be jotting down really quickly short notes I took during a seminar I visited last week. Hopefully later I can go into them in more depth. -Raise elbow in daisan to take pressure off our hands in the kake. -Our hands don’t change… Continue reading Points Observed at Seminar


Kyudo Revolutions: Goodbye “You have to…”

Last weekend I went to a koushuukai (seminar) in Oita City. During that time, I received vast amounts of technical wisdom. In the next post I will quickly jot down the big points I took note of, and later on I hope to go over a few of those points in further detail. I also sat… Continue reading Kyudo Revolutions: Goodbye “You have to…”

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When it all Unravels, Find Your Feet

My recent downward spiral has continued further. No matter how hard I try to apply certain techniques and balance everything with my breathing, it’s all fallen apart and my mind darts around my body amid shooting, sending my arrows every which way. But I think I’ve found a way out of this pit. At today’s… Continue reading When it all Unravels, Find Your Feet

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This Damn Tenouchi!

I’m tired of this stupid tenouchi (gripping technique on the bow) and it’s time to change. I’ve been told the same things for years but never listened. I’ve been chiseling small spots around it for improvement, but it’s time for a revolution. This entire fist is going to change its axis of rotation, and my… Continue reading This Damn Tenouchi!