Magic in Kyudo

One day a carp started to climb a waterfall. When he reached the top he became a dragon.

I believe one day I may explode into lightning while in the full draw arriving at perfect form.

I believe that I will one day be able to hit the center of the target every shot just by simply looking at it.

I believe I will one day fight demons on top of a mountain with my bow.

If I didn’t, what’s the point of it all?

Hitting the target?

Being a better person?

Numbers, data, opinions, fears, jobs, expectations,

death …

Who cares?

All are but walls and chains.

I want my eyes alight in the wonder of shooting the bow and arrow.

I want to be inspired to live, without trying to make myself inspired.

The forest simply appeared around me, so I started walking.

A bird flew by and I just looked. Frosty air in the nose.

Over there is the mountain.



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