Have You Ever Thought?

Have you ever thought that underneath our surface layer of white lines, these pictures, and images, and videos, and explanations, and monies, and promises, and smiles …

Underneath these right-angle stones, are dark truths with big guns that do whatever they like?

Have you ever thought, that demons really are real, except that they are not evil?

The strongest archer hits the target. Smart and dumb we can only follow this effect of forces on earth that occur before our eyes. And that that champion archer has a tiny little spot that the younger and stronger will exploit.

From a tiny little hole, all is ripped apart.

Fear and sheep and empty shells …

hungry wolves …

a storm to kill them all.

Behind the demons, behind the angels … there is a forest. And within there I pant and sweat. Too tired to think.

Silly thoughts as wisps. Electric connections. The amount of time we have accorded to each particular moment. We are made slaves by our own thoughts of limitations.

But the forest doesn’t care.

I don’t care.

Senseis. Dojos. Judgements.

My home is the earth.

The universe.

The Cosmic Apocalypse.

There are monsters you know nothing of.

The freedom in the bow is doing what you want.

So why don’t you ask yourself,

What do you want?


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