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The Vertical Line is in your Feet

In slightly more technical terms, the tatesen (vertical line) is in your ashibumi (stance). I’ve been having trouble with my tatesen lately, trying to raise my uchiokoshi high enough, stretch my spine upwards, and effectively use my feet. So how do you use your feet in kyudo? A long time ago a teacher once told… Continue reading The Vertical Line is in your Feet

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Rediscovering Uchiokoshi: The Lion’s Back

When running into problems with my form I usually finding myself working backwards from the release to the earlier stages of shooting. Our release is off because of our full draw position. Our full draw position is off because of our drawing of the bow. Our drawing of the bow is off because of a… Continue reading Rediscovering Uchiokoshi: The Lion’s Back

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Why is Discipline Important in Kyudo?

Discipline is a concept often affiliated with kyudo. It seems obvious. The same could be said for martial arts in general. Perhaps of all the key words that go along with martial arts, wouldn’t you put “discipline” near the top? But what about “freedom”? What about the “art” in martial arts? And the “way” in… Continue reading Why is Discipline Important in Kyudo?