Singing for Strength

So I’m finally crawling out of a deep hole of kyudo suckiness, and one thing that has really helped is singing. Now, I’m pretty sure I could make children cry and grown adults drop their jaws in horror with my lack of singing skills, and I know next to nothing about singing technique. However, I’ve… Continue reading Singing for Strength

Kyudo · Uchiokoshi: Raising the Bow

Scooping in Uchikoshi

The very first time I ever raised the bow in uchiokoshi (movement lifting the bow in front of you) my teacher told me to raise it in front of me like I was scooping up a bunch of water. So I did it, and somewhere along the way forgot, and have probably been dealing with… Continue reading Scooping in Uchikoshi

Kai - the Full Draw · Kyudo · Nobiai

The “Chest” in Kyudo

You’ll often hear about “opening up your chest” (“mune wo hiraku”) in kyudo, but what exactly does it mean? What exactly is your chest? I’ve always just imagined expanding from the center line of my chest expanding outwards in nobiai. After thinking about it more I’ve thought about it encompassing my whole chest to the… Continue reading The “Chest” in Kyudo

Tenouchi - the Grip

Angle of a Tenouchi

One great way to check your tenouchi is to look at the left side of your hand. What angle is made at the wrist between your arm and hand? I’ve always been told we should make our hands, wrists, and arms as one long straight bar but personally I have a tendency to make the… Continue reading Angle of a Tenouchi

Image Training · Kyudo

Overcoming Adversity

A Bruce Lee quote has been ringing in my head for the past couple months: “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” It gives me strength, and not only the courage, but interest in meeting the challenges of my life. There are millions of pitfalls to… Continue reading Overcoming Adversity

Kyudo · Shin - Truth

Stay Alive

When you’re down, you’re down, and it’s hard … seemingly impossible to get out. Maybe it feels completely impossible to get out. We get lost, stuck, and disheartened. My posts here are about the bow, and this is definitely been my state in kyudo lately, but it is inseparable from everything else in our lives.… Continue reading Stay Alive

Budo/Martial Arts · Kyudo · Shin - Truth · Shin, Zen, Bi - Truth, Goodness, Beauty · Tenouchi - the Grip

Kyudo Injuries and Trying to Find the Right Bow Strength

What’s the right bow strength for you? Most teachers, books, and practitioners will say something to the effect of, “You should use the bow strength that’s right for you.” This statement sounds simple, but it’s one I’ve rejected for most of my time with the bow. Now I’m finally coming to understand it. … My… Continue reading Kyudo Injuries and Trying to Find the Right Bow Strength