Kyudo · Shin - Truth

Stay Alive

When you’re down, you’re down, and it’s hard … seemingly impossible to get out.

Maybe it feels completely impossible to get out.

We get lost, stuck, and disheartened.

My posts here are about the bow, and this is definitely been my state in kyudo lately, but it is inseparable from everything else in our lives.

Perhaps we remember past times like this and remember feeling like the key and lesson is that, “This too shall pass,” and that as long as you endure the pain, stay alive, and find a way out, you will in fact get out, and will in fact find mountain peaks higher than ever before.

But the point of being down, is that you don’t feel like you can get back up.

This time is different, lower than the rest, maybe so low that this is the end.

And so every time we find our lows, we’re not just re-enacting the script of a past life, or being puppeted through meaningless ups and downs, but rather must reinvent ourselves while reacting to this new low, to find a new outing, and become new.

This is what I tell myself, and yet I have no idea.

Feeling down I sense all of the unnecessary trash around me, and in seeking a way out I find myself in a process of cleaning.

Getting rid of all the shit I’ve accumulated that has me stuck, distracted, or overwhelmed.

The difficult part is getting rid of things that seem necessary.

The difficult part is putting our eggs into the one basket that will see us through.

Can we have the faith to follow the one correct path?

Wow, that sounds dangerously like religion,

and my answer most certainly is not.

Perhaps this is why this is so tricky,

because the mind finds ways to manipulate our thoughts with judgements and arguments which can undermine our existence that rather,

just is.

No tricks. No lies.

Just the truth,

and it’s movement.

But what the hell do I know?

I’m feeling down, and don’t know how I’m going to get out.

My path is different from yours.

And so off we are on our own quests,

to be our own heroes,

kill our own demons,

and claim our own treasures.

How long will I be stuck to wander in the cave?

The answer is irrelevant.

Stay alive.


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