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Overcoming Adversity

A Bruce Lee quote has been ringing in my head for the past couple months:

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

It gives me strength, and not only the courage, but interest in meeting the challenges of my life.

There are millions of pitfalls to fall into while walking the path of the bow.

I’ve watched others without knowing about them, then fall into my own, get out, look at others and laugh because I’ll never be subject to such foolery, and then find myself in the same holes, get out, and continue to explore all of the pitfalls of the art.

I don’t want to, really.

I want to walk ever upwards the mountain on a straight path to the top of it all.

Screw it. I want to fly straight up to the clouds.

But I don’t.

And if I can find some consolation in my wanderings, it’s that there’s no point in just doing everything perfect from the start.

For the most part, that’s just luck.

Luck requires little from us other than just showing up.

Failure though, forces us to eat our pride, calm down, use our minds, and by the power of the courage of our spirits, stand up again smarter and stronger.

It’s not easy. It may take every single drop of yourself to do so. There may only be a one in a million chance of success. But this is all we’ve got.

Right now I’m a lot less concerned about being the perfect archer than learning out to stand up after you fall.

I want to learn how recover from injuries.

I want to learn how to rediscover my breath.

I want to learn how see the center of the target again.

I want to learn how to expand again.

I want to learn how to forget the others around me and just shoot my own arrow.

There are times to rest, times to study, times to shoot your heart out.

Perhaps there’s more to “learning how to do something right”, rather than “just doing it right.”


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