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Kyudo Injuries: Shoulder Part II

This is a continuation from the last post, “Kyudo Injuries: Shoulder Part I.” As I mentioned in that last post, I am not medically trained and have a relatively short history with the bow. My answers are by no means absolutely correct or set in stone, but rather just my small personal experience. Well, well… Continue reading Kyudo Injuries: Shoulder Part II

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Kyudo Injuries: Right Shoulder Part 1

This is a long story, that hopefully is coming to an end. Here I’d like to talk about some pain I’ve had in my right shoulder from doing kyudo. Perhaps there is some information here that may be of help to you. Perhaps you have some valuable information I’m missing, in that case please comment… Continue reading Kyudo Injuries: Right Shoulder Part 1

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No Limits

Faith is about seeing past the present. The problem is that we see what we have seen, build a wall, and start running around inside of it. We listen to everything and put it through the filter of our ego, grinding it back down into our own dirt and calling it new, when it is… Continue reading No Limits

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The Purpose of Taihai: Shin (Truth) Zen (Goodness) Bi (Beauty)

What is the purpose of taihai? You know, all of the movements incorporated into the art of kyudo like walking and standing and bowing that aren’t actually pulling the bow. The answer was hiding in front of my face the whole time and I didn’t even realize it. The purpose of taihai is the same… Continue reading The Purpose of Taihai: Shin (Truth) Zen (Goodness) Bi (Beauty)