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Shoulder Update and Kyudo Manual Volume 2 “Kyohon Dai-Nikan”

Well, it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve pulled the bow, and I’ve got about 5 days left until I’m planning to go back, which will make my time away about 3 and a half weeks in total. There is an upcoming seminar I want to go to which won’t involve all that much shooting,… Continue reading Shoulder Update and Kyudo Manual Volume 2 “Kyohon Dai-Nikan”

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How Long Should I Practice Sitting in Kiza?

2 sets of 7 minutes. Welcome to “kiza”, kyudo’s most dreaded torture sitting position. This sitting position is required in “sharei”, ceremonial shooting performed during tests and special occasions, unless you perform “rissha”, the standing version. Rissha is performed if one cannot sit in kiza for the decided amount of times due to physical conditions… Continue reading How Long Should I Practice Sitting in Kiza?

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Are You Susceptible to Shoulder Injuries in Kyudo?

This is a kind of continuation from the past few posts on the “Kyudo Injuries: Shoulder” series discussing the causes and effects of a shoulder injury I’ve had from practicing shooting the bow and arrow. As an update I’ve been taking medicine, rubbing creams, and going to rehabilitation with a physical trainer for about an… Continue reading Are You Susceptible to Shoulder Injuries in Kyudo?

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Tenouchi Tips

“Use chopsticks with your left hand.” This is one tip I heard about a while ago that is supposed to help our “tenouchi”, which refers to the left hand that we grip the bow with. I suppose this is helpful for only right handed people who rarely use their left hand for small and detailed… Continue reading Tenouchi Tips

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The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

The human and the animal mind. “Thinking” and “reacting.” In kyudo there is a lot of talk about meaning and theory. The questions we ask are based upon a lot of “why”s and “how”s. “Why do we do this movement?” “How does this activity affect my life?” These types of questions are important to kyudo,… Continue reading The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

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The Three Columns

The waist, the stomach, and the shoulders. This is a kind of spin-off I’m making on the three crosses (sanju-juumonji). The three crosses are considered one of the most important basic theories in shooting which brings attention to the importance of the three crosses made by the horizontal line of our feet, hips, and shoulders… Continue reading The Three Columns