Vampire Hunter D Exhibition

In case nobody has ever noticed, “D”, from the fantasy sci-fi novels and animated films, “Vampire Hunter D” is one of the most interesting dark heroes ever, and is remarkably akin to the ideal martial artist. The original Vampire Hunter D animated film from 1985 was one of the first anime films I was exposed… Continue reading Vampire Hunter D Exhibition

Budo/Martial Arts · Kyudo · Shin, Zen, Bi - Truth, Goodness, Beauty

When Too Much Turns into Nothing

Everything in its excess turns to its opposite. Or something like that, goes the I-Ching. For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of training and reading producing massive amounts of ideas I’ve wanted to put into words on the blog, but the time wasn’t there. Now, I have this strange void of… Continue reading When Too Much Turns into Nothing