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Trick to Help Kao-muke and Nobiai in the full draw

Here’s a trick that may be able to help someone with their kao-muke (turning their head properly towards the target) and nobiai (expansion) in the full draw.

In the full draw, make the tip of your nose and the tip of your right elbow as far apart as possible.

This will help turn your head completely towards the target, tuck your chin (help expand vertically), lower your left shoulder, push into the target (expansion towards the target), and focus on the center of the target.

At the same time, this will help with your nobiai, expanding as far as possible away from the target (horizontal line) which may also help to put your elbow in the right place (which in my opinion is directly opposite to the real target, expanding in that direction instead of down or towards your back).

Of course this is most relevant to the full draw, but perhaps we can do it better by thinking of it in the dai san phase (two-thirds draw) and carrying through with it in the full draw. Trying to change or fix things after we have already moved into the full draw is usually impossible.

Yesterday I had a really crappy practice, and I realized that some of the biggest reasons for this is shooting small (losing tsumeai) and not expanding. Perhaps if I would have thought of this yesterday I could have done better.

But that’s why there’s tomorrow.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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