Welcome to Green Leaves Forest, formerly known as Gaijin Explorer and then Black Arrow. This is where I report my experiences in the way of the bow, Kyudo.

Posts from the beginning (December, 2009) until mid-October 2013 were from the time I lived in Toyama Prefecture and practiced Aikido and Kyudo. Since then I have moved to Oita Prefecture and currently practice Kyudo. The posts from the beginning until April, 2014 cover a wide range of topics, concerning life as a foreigner in Japan, travels around the country, hiking and mountain biking, and experiences in martial arts.

From April, 2014, the blog was reborn as Black Arrow, where content is focused primarily on Kyudo.

From April, 2016, the blog evolved into Green Leaves Forest, still focusing on Kyudo, but with a different approach.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

Please enjoy.


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Apologies Elmar for technological handicaps, but what do you mean by RSS feed? There is a button on the left of the site to “follow” in order to get email updates … maybe that’s not what you mean … ???

  1. Zac, sorry to be out of touch so long. Still in Japan? good for you. I made it back a couple years ago. Let’s get back in touch.

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