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Raise the Roof and Don’t Stop in Daisan

Today I’d like to talk about the “daisan” phase, otherwise called the “two-thirds” draw. It’s apparent in every style of kyudo I’ve ever heard of. In fact, if there was a style of shooting without the daisan phase, I don’t think you could really call it kyudo. Different styles get to daisan different, but they… Continue reading Raise the Roof and Don’t Stop in Daisan

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Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

    Here I am going to talk about the phase of daisan (the “two-thirds draw” shown in the picture above). Specifically, I’m going to speak on how raising our elbows while moving into the daisan phase will help us shoot a straight arrow using the proper posture of our bodies instead of just the… Continue reading Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

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2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

Yesterday marked my second visit with A-Sensei which was another valuable training session that has overflowed my mind with techniques that revolutionize my shooting. I’ll list them here and go over them briefly mostly just so I don’t forget them. Perhaps you can glean some diamonds of your own from these notes. I’d love to… Continue reading 2nd Meeting with A-Sensei