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Deserts and Frost in the Full Draw

I’ve been working on expanding throughout the process of “kai”, (the full draw) in shooting, and trying to expand the time as well, pushing through the desire to pre-release the arrow before its time. I usually count in the full draw to see how long I hold it because it helps me to know how… Continue reading Deserts and Frost in the Full Draw

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The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

The human and the animal mind. “Thinking” and “reacting.” In kyudo there is a lot of talk about meaning and theory. The questions we ask are based upon a lot of “why”s and “how”s. “Why do we do this movement?” “How does this activity affect my life?” These types of questions are important to kyudo,… Continue reading The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

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2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

Yesterday marked my second visit with A-Sensei which was another valuable training session that has overflowed my mind with techniques that revolutionize my shooting. I’ll list them here and go over them briefly mostly just so I don’t forget them. Perhaps you can glean some diamonds of your own from these notes. I’d love to… Continue reading 2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

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The Vertical Line is in your Feet

In slightly more technical terms, the tatesen (vertical line) is in your ashibumi (stance). I’ve been having trouble with my tatesen lately, trying to raise my uchiokoshi high enough, stretch my spine upwards, and effectively use my feet. So how do you use your feet in kyudo? A long time ago a teacher once told… Continue reading The Vertical Line is in your Feet