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Skills: Gojujumonji and Spider Webs

We often read that we should shoot with our hearts, not our skills. But if you can’t shoot with skills, it’s probably not going to be a very good shot. I’ve looked at my technique and shooting and two things are apparent: I’m trying really hard, and my skills aren’t sharp. I’m conscious of these… Continue reading Skills: Gojujumonji and Spider Webs

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Pulling with your Neck

From the same teacher that brought me “pulling with your lats”, here’s “pulling with your neck”. This teacher was watching me shoot yesterday and when I got to the full draw she said, “You’re letting up, keep pushing, expand.” On the next shot she pushed on my right shoulder. Afterwards I went to ask her… Continue reading Pulling with your Neck

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Really Pulling a Full Draw

Let me ask you a question: Are you really pulling a full draw? This is an important question and largely the focus of the seminar I attended a while ago. One of the biggest pitfalls one can find in their hikiwake (drawing the bow) as they lower the bow into kai (the full draw) is… Continue reading Really Pulling a Full Draw

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Reducing Nervousness and Building Consistency

“8 second zanshin. 8 second zanshin. 8 second zanshin …” Hold the full draw for eight seconds, and focus on the final zanshin posture to ensure complete release of the arrow. This is my mantra, and it helps to reduce nervousness and build consistency. I decided to repeat and focus on this mantra in my… Continue reading Reducing Nervousness and Building Consistency