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Blogging Blues and the Greatest Sickness in Kyudo

The Greatest Sickness in Kyudo. The Greatest Sickness in Kyudo is not a small technical difficulty like putting your elbow here, or your hand here, our your shoulder here, releasing too early (hayake), or not hitting the target. The Greatest Sickness in Kyudo is “wanting to hit the target.” If you’re at all familiar with… Continue reading Blogging Blues and the Greatest Sickness in Kyudo

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The Three Columns

The waist, the stomach, and the shoulders. This is a kind of spin-off I’m making on the three crosses (sanju-juumonji). The three crosses are considered one of the most important basic theories in shooting which brings attention to the importance of the three crosses made by the horizontal line of our feet, hips, and shoulders… Continue reading The Three Columns

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2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

Yesterday marked my second visit with A-Sensei which was another valuable training session that has overflowed my mind with techniques that revolutionize my shooting. I’ll list them here and go over them briefly mostly just so I don’t forget them. Perhaps you can glean some diamonds of your own from these notes. I’d love to… Continue reading 2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

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Skills: Gojujumonji and Spider Webs

We often read that we should shoot with our hearts, not our skills. But if you can’t shoot with skills, it’s probably not going to be a very good shot. I’ve looked at my technique and shooting and two things are apparent: I’m trying really hard, and my skills aren’t sharp. I’m conscious of these… Continue reading Skills: Gojujumonji and Spider Webs

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Pulling with your Neck

From the same teacher that brought me “pulling with your lats”, here’s “pulling with your neck”. This teacher was watching me shoot yesterday and when I got to the full draw she said, “You’re letting up, keep pushing, expand.” On the next shot she pushed on my right shoulder. Afterwards I went to ask her… Continue reading Pulling with your Neck