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The Importance of Gojuu-Jumonji: The Five Crosses

For those that are looking for secret techniques, enjoy some time in the mist, and I bet you’ll find yourself right back to the beginning. But that’s great news, because you’ll find yourself at the greatest source of technique there is, the basics. The longer I practice kyudo, the more appreciation I have for those… Continue reading The Importance of Gojuu-Jumonji: The Five Crosses

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Tenouchi Tips

“Use chopsticks with your left hand.” This is one tip I heard about a while ago that is supposed to help our “tenouchi”, which refers to the left hand that we grip the bow with. I suppose this is helpful for only right handed people who rarely use their left hand for small and detailed… Continue reading Tenouchi Tips

Tenouchi - the Grip

Angle of a Tenouchi

One great way to check your tenouchi is to look at the left side of your hand. What angle is made at the wrist between your arm and hand? I’ve always been told we should make our hands, wrists, and arms as one long straight bar but personally I have a tendency to make the… Continue reading Angle of a Tenouchi

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Kyudo Injuries and Trying to Find the Right Bow Strength

What’s the right bow strength for you? Most teachers, books, and practitioners will say something to the effect of, “You should use the bow strength that’s right for you.” This statement sounds simple, but it’s one I’ve rejected for most of my time with the bow. Now I’m finally coming to understand it. … My… Continue reading Kyudo Injuries and Trying to Find the Right Bow Strength

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Tenouchi: From the Elbow to the Fingers

“The arm from all the way from your elbow to the tips of your fingers is your tenouchi. Don’t change it from yugamae to zanshin.” This is something the hanshi sensei told one of my training partners at the seminar last week. Today my buddy told me about this and it unlocked thousands of little… Continue reading Tenouchi: From the Elbow to the Fingers

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Points Observed at Seminar

Forgive the brevity and lack of explanations of this post. I’ll just be jotting down really quickly short notes I took during a seminar I visited last week. Hopefully later I can go into them in more depth. -Raise elbow in daisan to take pressure off our hands in the kake. -Our hands don’t change… Continue reading Points Observed at Seminar

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This Damn Tenouchi!

I’m tired of this stupid tenouchi (gripping technique on the bow) and it’s time to change. I’ve been told the same things for years but never listened. I’ve been chiseling small spots around it for improvement, but it’s time for a revolution. This entire fist is going to change its axis of rotation, and my… Continue reading This Damn Tenouchi!