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The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

The human and the animal mind. “Thinking” and “reacting.” In kyudo there is a lot of talk about meaning and theory. The questions we ask are based upon a lot of “why”s and “how”s. “Why do we do this movement?” “How does this activity affect my life?” These types of questions are important to kyudo,… Continue reading The Human and Animal Mind in Kyudo

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Reducing Nervousness and Building Consistency

“8 second zanshin. 8 second zanshin. 8 second zanshin …” Hold the full draw for eight seconds, and focus on the final zanshin posture to ensure complete release of the arrow. This is my mantra, and it helps to reduce nervousness and build consistency. I decided to repeat and focus on this mantra in my… Continue reading Reducing Nervousness and Building Consistency

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自信よりも平常心。 じしんよりもへいじょうしん。 Jishin yori mo heijoushin. Not confidence, but your normal relaxed mind. This is what’s important in kyudo, and what you can learn at tournaments. It occured to me this morning when I was talking to someone at kyudo this morning. She asked me, “How was the tournament?” “I did horrible.” “Even though you… Continue reading 自信よりも平常心