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Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

    Here I am going to talk about the phase of daisan (the “two-thirds draw” shown in the picture above). Specifically, I’m going to speak on how raising our elbows while moving into the daisan phase will help us shoot a straight arrow using the proper posture of our bodies instead of just the… Continue reading Raise Elbows in Daisan Phase

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2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

Yesterday marked my second visit with A-Sensei which was another valuable training session that has overflowed my mind with techniques that revolutionize my shooting. I’ll list them here and go over them briefly mostly just so I don’t forget them. Perhaps you can glean some diamonds of your own from these notes. I’d love to… Continue reading 2nd Meeting with A-Sensei

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Rediscovering Uchiokoshi: The Lion’s Back

When running into problems with my form I usually finding myself working backwards from the release to the earlier stages of shooting. Our release is off because of our full draw position. Our full draw position is off because of our drawing of the bow. Our drawing of the bow is off because of a… Continue reading Rediscovering Uchiokoshi: The Lion’s Back

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Points Observed at Seminar

Forgive the brevity and lack of explanations of this post. I’ll just be jotting down really quickly short notes I took during a seminar I visited last week. Hopefully later I can go into them in more depth. -Raise elbow in daisan to take pressure off our hands in the kake. -Our hands don’t change… Continue reading Points Observed at Seminar

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Hanshi Teachings Part III: Backs of the Shoulders

This is Part III of a series of posts called, “Hanshi Teachings” about things I’ve learned from the hanshi level teacher in my dojo. It seems what the hanshi sensei has been really trying to do in teaching me techniques is to get me to relax parts of my body that I don’t need to use.… Continue reading Hanshi Teachings Part III: Backs of the Shoulders

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90 Year Old Kyudoka

                                                        (I have no idea who this man is.)   Today I met a 90 year old man who practices kyudo. When he first came in, I could tell he was pretty old, but was lively and cheerful. He started chatting to me in English, and I was surprised at his ability. He was better… Continue reading 90 Year Old Kyudoka