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Be a Tree

Be a tree. Put yourself in the ground and be a tree. Let your waist be submerged in the ground, with your long legs as roots reaching down and out deep. Sprouting from the ground is our torso, built around the shaft of our spine that reaches straight up to the sky. Our arms are… Continue reading Be a Tree

Ashibumi - Setting the Stance · Image Training · Kyudo

The Vertical Line is in your Feet

In slightly more technical terms, the tatesen (vertical line) is in your ashibumi (stance). I’ve been having trouble with my tatesen lately, trying to raise my uchiokoshi high enough, stretch my spine upwards, and effectively use my feet. So how do you use your feet in kyudo? A long time ago a teacher once told… Continue reading The Vertical Line is in your Feet

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This Damn Tenouchi!

I’m tired of this stupid tenouchi (gripping technique on the bow) and it’s time to change. I’ve been told the same things for years but never listened. I’ve been chiseling small spots around it for improvement, but it’s time for a revolution. This entire fist is going to change its axis of rotation, and my… Continue reading This Damn Tenouchi!

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Image Training in Kyudo: Yasuji

They are the signs that point us to elevated technique. They are the way we communicate with invisible theories. They are what ignite our imaginations, bringing our kyudo practice to life. Images. Image training. More than I have experienced in any other martial art, image training plays a major role in the practice of kyudo.… Continue reading Image Training in Kyudo: Yasuji