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The Three Columns

The waist, the stomach, and the shoulders. This is a kind of spin-off I’m making on the three crosses (sanju-juumonji). The three crosses are considered one of the most important basic theories in shooting which brings attention to the importance of the three crosses made by the horizontal line of our feet, hips, and shoulders… Continue reading The Three Columns

Ikiai - Breathing · Kyudo

Breathing With Your Kidneys

This is something I actually picked up from Tai Chi Chuan practice before I ever even picked up a bow. The teacher was talking about breathing. We breathe with our bellies, not our chest or our shoulders. By doing so, we start to change how we feel our internal organs. Traditional Chinese medicine and martial… Continue reading Breathing With Your Kidneys

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Grumbling Bear Breathing

Deep in the belly, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … grumbling vibrating through the entire body. Pushing outwards from a deep cave within. This bear, my bear, I am a bear. Nobody fucks with this bear. Deep grumbling growling. … This image was brought upon in relation to two things: 1.) Forgetting about breathing and holding unecessary tension in… Continue reading Grumbling Bear Breathing

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Breathing in Kyudo: Infinite Expansion

“In the beginning, if you forget about focusing on your breath, you will easily lose concentration. Always keep your breath in your center.” -Awa Kenzo, “Zen Bow, Zen Arrow”, pg. 41. 息合い, ikiai, breath, this is the connection between all archers. From beginning to end, no matter who or where, we are all given the gift of… Continue reading Breathing in Kyudo: Infinite Expansion