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Raise the Roof and Don’t Stop in Daisan

Today I’d like to talk about the “daisan” phase, otherwise called the “two-thirds” draw. It’s apparent in every style of kyudo I’ve ever heard of. In fact, if there was a style of shooting without the daisan phase, I don’t think you could really call it kyudo. Different styles get to daisan different, but they… Continue reading Raise the Roof and Don’t Stop in Daisan

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Importance of Nakaoshi on the Tenouchi

So here I am to write about the tenouchi (our left hand’s grip on the bow), because I’ve written a lot of posts in the past about the tenouchi, and it’s been a really long time since I’ve consciously touched on the subject. Now, it’s time to update things since a lot of my opinions… Continue reading Importance of Nakaoshi on the Tenouchi

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It Begins in the Mind

Fools. It starts in the mind. Set foot to the mark without proper preparation, and a thousand arrows will be a thousand nails in the coffin. Shoot one honest arrow. And another if you can. And another. Until that single arrow is the only thing you know. Who commands your arrow? Teachers who frown disappointingly… Continue reading It Begins in the Mind