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It Begins in the Mind

Fools. It starts in the mind. Set foot to the mark without proper preparation, and a thousand arrows will be a thousand nails in the coffin. Shoot one honest arrow. And another if you can. And another. Until that single arrow is the only thing you know. Who commands your arrow? Teachers who frown disappointingly… Continue reading It Begins in the Mind

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4 Levels of Training

Training in kyudo can change your life. The bow can be used to make ourselves strong, focused, and develop a greater understanding of the world. We can also make some great friendships along the way. At the highest levels we can cultivate compassion and our sense of service. But it doesn’t necessarily always work out… Continue reading 4 Levels of Training

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Where’s the Heart?

Kyudo is about ups and downs. It’s not a machine. It doesn’t fit nicely into a day-planner. It cannot be forced. Kyudo is a natural phenomenon of the universe, its own entity in and of itself, and at the same time an interactive member with everything else it exists along. Kyudo follows certain laws of… Continue reading Where’s the Heart?

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Trick to Help Kao-muke and Nobiai in the full draw

Here’s a trick that may be able to help someone with their kao-muke (turning their head properly towards the target) and nobiai (expansion) in the full draw. In the full draw, make the tip of your nose and the tip of your right elbow as far apart as possible. This will help turn your head… Continue reading Trick to Help Kao-muke and Nobiai in the full draw