Let’s Make Legends

I went into the demons cave, it’s been a long time.

Tired of the light, I crawled down the narrow hole.

I have lots of friends down here.

They show me hate.

They show me anger.

They show me sadness.

They make me laugh.

It’s funny how much can be told with a mask.

Faces that change in the walls, brown darkness.

It’s like there’s candles, but there is no light.

These are legends, all of these stories.

I watch in silence with big eyes.

The demons don’t really care about me, but I think they love me.

They love me like they disregard fear, like unknown laws.

These demons are real, and they inspire me.

Let’s make legends.

Let’s make them beautiful, epic like mountains.

Let’s make stories worth telling by old demon witches.

All of us, with our roles in infinity.

Here today in this air, land, and sea.

Beyond the circuits and screens and pictures and concrete.

With fire and love and hate and silent laughter in quiet green forests.

Once there was a mortal that was great.



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